VOIP  is a communication system which transmits voice and multimedia content over the internet protocol (IP) networks . This system has both traditional and professional central features . It also has professional features that ordinary centrals lack it or should be put it on them at very high cost .

Shayestegan Engineering Networking Company is proud to work on VOIP projects of your organization on CISCO  platforms and Asterisk t the earliest time . It is worthy to mention that this company has sales representative of Fanvil equipments and we are capable of providing your required products and equipments based on the competitive prices .


Advantages of VOIP versus traditional  telecommunication :

1-  It is economic

2-  Flexibility of technology versus traditional telecommunication

3-  Launching value added services

4-  Call waiting features when you are not available in the place of using services

5-  Parallel use of this technology along with traditional telecommunication systems  .

6-  More security

7-  Lack of geographical constraints

8-   No need for separate wiring

9-   Free communications

10-  Lines transferability

11-  Integration

12-  Simple management

13-  Conference room

14-  Easy  expansion

15-  Video conversations

16-  Sending and receiving fax by internet

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