In brief  , there are 4 reasons for using virtualization infrastructure

1-      More use of available hardware resources

2-      Reducing expenses based on changes in hardware  infrastructures .

3-      Reducing the management and maintenance costs

4-      Stability and fault tolerance

Shayestegan Network Engineering Team has a great experiences in the field of virtualization  , server , desktop, clients , and storage  Therefore ; we are ready to perform clustering projects concerning organizational hosts with all the software and structural features such as Load Balancing &HA&…..

Shayestegan Company has represented solutions in the field  of  virtualization  by using VMware  products to surpass its competitors .

It is worthy to mention that based on regional offices in other countries ,  we can provide our clients  at the earliest time with all the required equipments concerning the above mentioned projects and also other hardware products related to IT Field from legal  and reliable resources .

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