Shayestegan Network Engineering Company has been established in 2011 to provide the equipments , solutions, and specialized information technology services.

 Very fast development of this company based on new methods and international standards owes to faithful clients which are willing to take advantages from Shayestegan Experts in different fields.

 Strategic  planning , short -term and long-term planning as well as continuous performance evaluation have an important role in success of  Shayestegan Company .

 Shayestegan  managers believe that taking advantages of various specialties and transmitting technology and world knowledge to the experts would be the success key for a dynamic organization .

 Shayestegan Network believes that informatics society of country can keep its dynamics and progress in case of transmitting technology to subsets.

 This company based on its high specialized ability, research , development , and technology -exchange has tried to be one of the greatest  all over the country .

 Shayestegan Network Engineering Company has a brilliant history in the field of communication , data center , virtualization technologies , clustering , phone service on VOIP network ,  transferring phone line and other related activities . we  are always ready for representing our services to our dear clients .


 Main indicators of company activity as follows :


 -Designing consultancy and providing comprehensive solutions ( total solutions )


- Feasibility and review the needs of set


-Creating private inter-organizational networks in the direction of integration large communication and information systems .


- Designing and implementation of telecommunication substrates and LAN and WAN networks in the form of cables  , standard wireless , TIA/ELAIEEE


- Representing and implementing total solutions of security and supervisory systems .


-support centers and IT projects .


-Representing video conference services and IP phone .







executor of comprehensive communication plans, network services & voip



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